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WorldTakers is the trademark of Gallus Consulting S.L., a spanish company and a global distributor, created in 2010 with the aim of providing complete solutions for the competitors in the meat and fish industry. Through our experienced team we deliver a complete plan of services, from placing orders, managing trading documentation, quality control, logistics and market research. 

Over the years we established and developed strategic partnerships throughout the world, allowing us to service a wide range of customers, from small independent distributors to processors, retailers and food service distributors. WorldTrakers was build and grown every year together with our partners, which is why our main objective is to establish respectful and long lasting relationships, and thus continue to deliver an exceptional level of service.


TRAKERS, a team hwo acts simultaneously: locally as a broker and globally as a trader.

Our Core Values are:

  • Transparency - we offer our clients accurate information on markets and products while providing quick, reliable service.
  • Creativity and responsibility - we bring reliable solutions that are adjusted to the necessities of our clients and that fit the constant changes the market undergoes.
  • Efficiency - we operate in a way designed to maximized integration and quicken our commercial process.

ORIGIN of "TraKer"

"TRAKER" combines two agents of the commercial circuit: TRAder and BroKER.We believe that unifying the best qualities of each is the solution to handling actual market conditions. Our team functions in a versatile manner unifying different components of the market to achieve integrated, flexible and responsible solutions.


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