World Trakers

A team who acts simultaneously, locally as a broker and globally as a trader.

World Trakers

Company´s main focus is to connect worldwide markets

World Trakers

A company that responds to the requirements of today’s market and anticípate the future ones.





Our products

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Due to our extensive experience within the poultry market we are proud to offer a wide variety and high quality products: Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Hens, Goose and Eggs.

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We specialise in trade of fresh and frozen pork products and our offer includes all standard pork cuts, trimmings, as well as offals.

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Our wide range of beef products includes all cuts, trimmings and offals.

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Fish and Seafood

Through our worldwide network of partners we are able to offer a complete range of fish products from Pelagic, White fish, Fresh Water&Aquaculture, to Seafood and Elaborated products.

Worldtrakers – Trademark of Gallus Consulting SL

WORLDTRAKERS was created in October 2010 by a professional and creative team with the goal of offering innovative solutions to a changing market. 

We specialize in the international trade of fresh & frozen Poultry, Pork, Beef, Fish and Seafood, with strong presence in the European market, as well as Asia, Africa and Canada.

Our aim is to provide high quality products and an excellent, completely integrated pack of services for our customers. 

Each of our commercial specialists is focused on his own group of products, which allows us to guarantee a high quality consultancy service. Counting on five expert departments: Purchases, Sales, Logistics, Operational and Market Research, we will:

  • assist you to find the products and markets that best fit your needs and objectives;
  • make sure the quality of the merchandise is certified;
  • handle all the specific documentation;
  • find reliable logistic solutions.
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Our clients

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Retail companies

We offer case ready products that can be customised upon request. We manage not only the quality of our meat&fish products but we ensure they are packaged and labeled according to our clients' local standards.

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Food service

Over the years we served the Horeca industry, from restaurants and hotels to catering companies and large scale food service providers. We are your partner in your mission of ensuring an excellent food experience to your clients.

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Wholesale distribution centers

We provide solutions for wholesalers according to their distribution needs in terms of quantity, quality, cuts and label. Relying on an extensive logistic and producers' network, we are committed to deliver a promt door to door service.

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Processing and packing factories

Our services includes meat&fish raw material supply for industrial production as well as for packaging/ repackaging and distribution.








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